Life and Work of Gerardo Fischer

Gerardo Fischer, director of The Real and Present Theater Company was born in Montevideo in 1947. He grew up in the Parque Rodo section of the city, and left in 1965 to study Drama at the Stanislavski Institute, off Plaza Once in Buenos Aires. He began his acting career under the direction of Bernarda Ortega where he performed with Grupo de Teatro El Astillero (The Shipyard Theater Group) in Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape, Bound East for Cardiff, and Mourning becomes Elektra. Parallel to this work, Compañía Las Hortensias (The Daily Dolls Company) was a clandestine burlesque group set up by Gerardo to perform ever-evolving Tableaux in garages, cellars and warehouses around the docks and the periphery of the city.

As Gerado developed his own ideas of theater, he founded Compañía de Teatro Real y Presente (The Real and Present Theater Company), and produced his first play Los Delincuentes in 1966. He published a collection of plays and essays under the title Los Delincuentes in 1968. Since then, Gerardo's work has been performed all over the world: in Italy, France, Spain, Britain, Australia and the United States, where it has been spread through word of mouth, personal invitation and through a growing network of Internet, SMS and RSS communication coordinated by The Far South Collective.