Compañía de Teatro Real y Presente
The Real and Present Theater Company

Founded by Gerardo Fischer in 1966, the company and produced his first play Los Delincuentes in the same year.

The company has been in and out of existence in various forms for over forty years. Originally based in Argentina, various incarnations of the company surfaced in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States during the years of Gerardo Fischer's exile from South America.

International in outlook, the company has included actors, set designers and technicians from Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK.

Since Gerardo Fischer's disappearance, the company has suspended operations.

Clara Luz Weissman has taken on the role of company director and is the coordinator of The Far South Collective, a group dedicated to the unraveling the mystery of Gerardo Fischer's disappearance.

Further information on the disappearance of Gerardo Fischer is available in Far South by David Enrique Spellman.